Accommodation in 5 star hotel
(triple and quadruple bedrooms)

Transportation by coach

3 daily meals

Daily lessons and workouts

Sightseeing tours

T-shirt of the organisation





Everything was amazing. It was a very well organised and high level Volleyball Camp. Happy to see such organisations happening in my birthplace, Rhodes.

Athanasios Papageorgiou / FIVB Mentor - Former Professor in University of Cologne

It has been an experience that not only the athletes but everyone in the Camp enjoyed. I wish to be established as an event. I also with that many children could participate in this Camp. Everything was so well organised and the children had the opportunity to learn the secrets of our game from the best coaches.

Olga Strantzali / Greek National Women's Team Player

It has been a very beautiful experience and definitely better than we could have imagined! Everything was very well organised and everyone was willing to work!

Anthi Vasilantonaki / Greek National Women's Team Player

The organisers of Rhodes International Volleyball Camp have set a goal so that the event can offer more and more things to the participants each year. It is not a coincidence that the most up-to-date facilities of Rhodes College and the best coaches were chosen, as well as the service of the best accommodation on the island of Rhodes.

Pantelis Lolis / Novasports Journalist